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Fees for foreign currency donations
Fees for foreign currency donations
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These are the fees for receiving foreign currency donations:

If you have your own "Friends of" organization

There is no platform fee when the tip feature is activated. Otherwise, there's a 2.9% platform fee.

If you process the donation through one of our "Friends of" organizations:

We issue a local tax-receipt to your donor, and charge you the following fee:

US checks and wires

US credit card/Paypal


countries and methods

Israel-based charities




International charities




In addition, there is a 50¢ (₪1.90) transaction fee per donation.

Set-up fee

There is a one-time set-up fee for submitting and reviewing your application to our international partner, as follows:

  • United States: Free

  • United Kingdom: Free

  • Canada: 500 CAD

  • France: 500 EUR

  • Australia: 500 AUD

Credit card fees

If the payment is made online, the Stripe/Paypal fee will be deducted from the transaction before it's donated to you. So if a donor makes a €100 donation and the credit card fee is 1.4%, our European partner will donate to you €98.60.

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