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How can I upload a green screen video?
How can I upload a green screen video?

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Adding green screen videos to your METAmakeR scene makes it tremendously engaging. And, it's super easy!

One of the key things to keep in mind is the color of your green screen. The colors with a Hex code in the square below are compatible with the METAmakeR.

Hex: #1D7F66 // RGB: Red 29, Green 127, Blue 102

Hex: #00FF36 // RGB: Red 0, Green 255, Blue 54

Hex: #00D397 // RGB: Red 0, Green 211, Blue 151

Hex: #00D432 // RGB: Red 0, Green 212, Blue 50

Hex: #477A4E // RGB: Red 71, Green 122, Blue 78

Hex: #00FF8B // RGB: Red 0, Green 255, Blue 139

1) Once you've got your video ready, log in to your METAmakeR account, go to Material Management and choose Video.

2) Click Upload to upload your green screen video. You can upload MP4 files, a YouTube or Vimeo link:

3) Go to My Scene and click on the Edit button of the scene you would like to add your screen video to.

4) Now choose your green screen video under the Video tag menu on the left side and place it in your scene!

If you'd like more information about how to edit in the METAmakeR, have a look at this tutorial video.

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