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How can I upload a 3D model?
How can I upload a 3D model?

3D models

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One of the big benefits of creating a virtual scene with the METAmakeR is the possibility to upload 3D models in your environment. Please read on to learn how!

1) Select Material Management in your METAmakeR account and select Model. This is where you can upload your 3D models. Now, click Upload and select your 3D model. The METAmakeR supports .GLB files less than 10MB.

2) Now that you have uploaded your 3D model, you can go to your scene to upload it. Go to My Scene and select Edit on the scene you would like to edit.

3) In the editing menu on the left hand side, choose the Model Marker and pick your 3D model.

4) You can move your model in the space to your desired location, rotate it and/or adjust the size. Check out the helpful instructions on the left side of your screen!

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