”The Swedish Startup killing printed business cards”

A powerful sales tool with real-time syncing, tracking and analyzing features

With its world-leading platform and groundbreaking solution, iZwop digitizes business cards in a unique way without demanding any app download. 

Sharing contact details via iZwop is easy, eco-friendly, cost effective and accessible on all smart devices. 

For the Company , it’s also a powerful sales tool with real-time syncing, tracking and analyzing features. iZwop is well on its way to eliminate all printed business cards from this world, with a capability to save 8 million trees and 174,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. 

Today, iZwop grows in a rapid pace worldwide with clients like Intrum, Zurich, eWork, Thales, RedBull, Radisson BLU, Zenuity  and is predicted to become Sweden’s next Unicorn.

Challenging the traditional structures

Even though we are in an exciting shift where everything digitizes, the most central part of the business sector – the basics of contacting each other – has been stuck in the past for way too long.

iZwop is challenging the traditional structures and providing the world with a 21st century solution. Because sharing paper notes with each other belongs to the past. 

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