iZwop® is a digital business card that you send from your smartphone.

It contains your contact information and everything about your company, your products and services. 

Presented with video, pictures and text.
With links to your company's website, webshop and social media channels
With an interactive map when the customer should visit you

Stylishly designed according to your company´s graphic guidelines.

Easy to update the information in real-time from the company headquarter. For one or thousands of employee´s.

Your employees share in all channels.
The company has control.
Everyone in the organization shares the same information.
The customer always has the right information about your company stored in their smartphones

Click on the respective digital business card below to open, view, save or share.

Best business card ever!

"My Customers are all curious and surprised how fast and easy this works. Never before has so many of them stored my contact information."

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Global delivery within 24h. Easy setup. No app or hardware installation needed.

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