Yes, you can create a QR-code for yourself and your employee´s.

A free tool is QRCode Monkey. 

This is how to do it:

  1. Go to:
  2. Paste your full digital business card link/URL in Enter Content (for example
  3. Set Colour, Add logo and Customize design
  4. Click create QR-code
  5. Download your QR-code as a PNG to your smartphone

Now you can easilly just show your QR-code to anyone and they can scan your code to get your digital business card in seconds.

How other use their QR-codes for sharing iZwop

  • Save the QR-code in your phone as an image
  • Print it and use as a sticker on the back of your smartphone
  • Use the QR-code on the last slide of all your presentations
  • Use the QR-code in your e-mail auto signature

iPhone - just open the camera
Android - scan with a QR-reader

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