We understand the importance of highlighting your brand and the trustworthiness of your company, especially in an international trade environment. In addition to each company having a dedicated company page on JamesEdition, some subscription types allow you to display your logo to increase your credibility for potential buyers.   

There are two types of logo: a company logo which is displayed on your office page

and a listing logo which is displayed on the listing page and in search results.

Listing page

Search results

Logo requirements:

  1. We accept only JPG files
  2. Company and Listing logo: 200*80px (recommended size)
  3. Page Cover logo: 1920*1080px (recommended size)
  4. Agent photo: for Real Estate 256*256px; for other categories 100*130px (recommended size)

If you want to add a logo to your listings or switch to a higher subscription, please contact us to receive information on our subscription offers. Learn how you can increase the visibility of your listings here.

How can I add a logo?

To be able to add logos you should have a Premium or Elite account. 

  1. Go to Settings > Company in your JamesEdition account > Branding.
  2. Here you can add a Page Cover, Company logo and Listing logo.
  3. Just click on Upload Image and choose the file on your computer; or you can also drag and drop it.

Note! To know more about other available settings of your account please read this article.

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