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How to use JamFeed: Your Quickstart Guide
How to use JamFeed: Your Quickstart Guide
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Welcome to JamFeed - the easiest website builder for musicians. JamFeed transforms the way you build and update your website by automating all of your content from streaming and social media platforms into one place.

To get started, make sure you have created an account and claimed your artist page to ensure you have the right profile. Then take a few minutes to watch our intro video to see all that JamFeed has to offer.

JamFeed Creator Dashboard

Your dashboard is where all of your content and media lives. This is where you can add your cover photo, logo, bio, and links to all of your streaming services and social media platforms to pull all your media into JamFeed.

JamFeed Website Builder

We simplified web design and development to make it easy for you to build and personalize your own music website in minutes. Start with one of our music templates and customize your own fonts, colors, photos, and layouts for each section.

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