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Add Your Team
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JamFeed offers the ability to add your teammates to your website and your dashboard. You can decide if you want them to have access to everything, or if you simply want to put their contact info on your website.

Add Team Members to your Dashboard

In your creator dashboard, click on Manage Team on the left side bar navigation to give others access to your JamFeed dashboard and website.

1. Make sure your team member has created an account with JamFeed.

2. After they create an account, you can add their name and email to your "Manage Team" and then click "ADD" to provide them with admin access to your JamFeed dashboard and website builder.

Add Contacts to Your Website

If you want certain contacts or team members to show up on your website in the contact section, head over to your Profile Page and scroll down to the section that says "Contacts" and add the name and email address of the person you want on your website. This could be other band members, management, booking agents, or any other way you want people to get in touch with you.

* Please make sure the box is checked for "publicly visible" to ensure they show up on your website.

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