Once you've set up your menu in the Back Office and decided how it should be laid out in the Reggie, you're ready to take orders from hungry customers. 

This article takes you through how to take an order from a customer over the phone or in your restaurant. For information on how to take takeaway orders from online platforms like Just Eat, you can read more here.

  1. Unlock your tablet and open up the Practi app.
  2. Tap on the items that your customer wants. You'll be prompted to choose a variant (e.g. portion size), and you can tap on items with add-ons to add extras like dessert toppings and extra shots of coffee.

In this example, you would be prompted to choose which flavour of ice cream the customer wants, as the chef cannot prepare it without knowing that information.

However, for the banana split you simply tap on the item in the order on the right and add the desired extras: this customer wants chopped nuts and chocolate sauce.

For more information on add-ons and variants, you can read our article here.

3. Once your order is complete and you've included add-ons, discounts and any notes for the kitchen, you can send it to your chefs. If you want to assign this order to a table or create a customer tab for them to pay later, press "Send." For customers who pay up front (e.g. for walk-in takeaway orders or food market vendors), press "Charge" to receive payment straight away. 

If you need more help, we have articles on taking payments, refunds, printing kitchen receipts in another language, hardware troubleshooting and assigning a driver to takeaway orders.

You can also get in touch with us through the button on the bottom right of your screen at any time or at helpuk@practi.net.

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