Thanks for taking a look at this habit-forming article! Habits are tricky things and trying to change your day to day work life for the better is a noble endeavor. We’re here to help! 

We want you to succeed using Jetpack Workflow and we will do everything we can to help you. 

The one thing we can’t do is check off your tasks for you though, haha. There isn’t a software on the planet that can do that. But, after reading this, we hope you’ll find updating Jetpack Workflow an easy habit to make!

Here is what neither of us wants: 

You folks sign up for Jetpack. You spent hours on setting up your account. You started to use it but gradually…you just stop. There can be a ton of reasons why you stop - someone gets sick, you’re too busy to update (not a real reason!), you wanted to see the solar eclipse, or maybe you just forget for a week - but none of those reasons actually help solve your problem. 

In fact, all of those things just make your problem worse.

You know what will solve your problem? Checking off your tasks and jobs. 

It will - trust us. We’ve seen it work at thousands of firms now. We literally created this software to solve this problem for you.

So, how do you make sure you keep checking off your jobs and tasks? You create a new habit - The Jetpack Workflow Habit. 

We draw heavily from Atomic Habits by James Clear for this material! Read the book if you’re interested. It’s really great!

There are 4 parts to a habit: A Cue, A Craving, A Response, and A Reward. 

  • A Cue: The cue is the thing that triggers the habit. This happen, then that happens. It could be a location, visual cue, audio cue, anything really!

  • A Craving: The craving is your body and mind expecting a reward because the cue triggered a response. 

  • A Response: The response is the action that’s part of your habit. It’s what you do because of the cue and the craving. 

  • A Reward: The reward is why you have habits! You get a little shot of dopamine or a piece of candy or 5 minutes of reading your favorite blog. 

Now that we understand what makes a habit, how do we use this knowledge? 

Well, we want to create the new habit of using Jetpack Workflow. 

Here 4 ways to help: 

  1. Make using Jetpack Workflow Obvious: For example, make Jetpack Workflow the only shortcut on your computer’s desktop screen. If you can’t make it the only icon, then make it a prominent bookmark in your browser. 

  2. Make using Jetpack Workflow Attractive: For example, use the @mention feature to talk with your colleagues and email clients directly from Job. This will give you a communication trail the whole firm can follow on every Job!

  3. Make using Jetpack Workflow Easy: For example, make sure all work in the firm is accounted for in Jetpack Workflow. This means you now have one place to go and know what is happening in your firm! We have made it really easy to check off tasks and autogenerate jobs and tasks for you using the repeat feature. 

  4. Make Using Jetpack Workflow Satisfying: For example, hold a small contest at your firm to incentivize your employees to use Jetpack Workflow immediately after you go live. We will also send you most active user awards each month!

Ok, I’ve done all 4 things but I’m still having trouble. What do I do? 

The best way to improve your self-control is to see how and why you lose control.

—Kelly McGonigal

This is going to be different for everyone but, here at Jetpack Workflow, we are huge fans of introspection. 

Everyone makes mistakes and you shouldn’t expect to fail. But, you should plan for failure if it happens. A failure to plan is a plan to fail, after all. So, what are you doing when you make a mistake? How are you getting back on track? 

You just need to be consistent, not perfect. Consider adopting this rule: Never miss twice in a row. Give yourself the leeway to fail but recognize that you have to get back up on the horse and try again. 

The most important thing: we are here to help. 

We want to help you and we are a great free resource. Ask us all of your questions, we promise to give you all of the answers. 

Need help? Just ask.

 We’re here for you. 

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