A Letter to leaders

Congratulations on choosing Jetpack Workflow! 

We’re really happy to have you. We started Jetpack to help you. We want to solve your pains and problems. Your success is our success. 

You are reading this letter because you’re a leader and a decision maker. You signed up for Jetpack to help you run your practice. We are here to make sure nothing falls through the cracks and you get better transparency over your client work. 

But here is the dirty little secret about us helping you to run your firm: In order for us to help you, you and your firm have to USE Jetpack. You have to help us help you.

So here are some pointers to help you and your firm use Jetpack:

  • Jetpack is a top down implementation. 

It starts with you. You have to “buy in” and you have to be a leader. That means you have to tell your staff “We are using Jetpack now.” Be as forceful as you need to be. You know your staff far better than we do. I know of firms that have a 3 strike policy in place. You may not want to go that far. But you have to make it certain Jetpack is now your one source of truth for projects. 

  • You have to tell our system what you want to auto generate in your account.

We don’t know this stuff unless you tell us. We don’t work at your firm. But, when you tell us, we will make sure you never miss a deadline again. We automatically generate the projects you tell us to so you never have to remember anything or put a reminder on your calendar. Just log into Jetpack, sort your list, and work. 

  • The more you and your firm use Jetpack, the more value you and your firm get out of it. 

You are being charged the same flat fee each month/year for access. Use our system as much as you want within the time you’ve paid for.

  • Jetpack relies on you and your staff to update it. 

The technology does not exist for a system to know what you’ve done without you having to update it. It just doesn’t exist. Nothing in the entire world has the capability to watch what you work on passively and check your work to see if you followed a set procedure. Until we create such a thing, you and your staff have to update Jetpack.

  • The best way for you to ensure your staff uses Jetpack is for YOU to use Jetpack. 

You need to lead by example here. Stop asking your staff for status updates. Log into Jetpack and check the job yourself. Need to ask a staff person a question about a job? @ them in the notes. This will store your conversation on the Job too. You need to use Jetpack. Lead by example. 

  • If you notice your staff is not using Jetpack, then say something to the staff person. 

Leaders are paid to have tough or uncomfortable conversations. Need to ask why the person hasn’t updated their account? You can send them an email right from a job in Jetpack. Make Jetpack the one true source of information on projects at your firm. You’re paying us good money to help you. Now make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. 

  • You need an accountability system. 

Take a moment and think about this. Whenever you’re trying to start a new habit, there has to be a consequence if you don’t follow through on it. It doesn’t have to be a negative consequence either. You can and should reward your staff for keeping Jetpack up to date. Heck, let me know and I’ll reward them for you! Buy some candy and hand it out at the next staff meeting to people who do a great job keeping Jetpack up to date. It’s really that simple. 

  •  You’re spending a lot of money and time to get Jetpack up and running. 

You need to get a return on that investment. Keep in mind, if you don’t use Jetpack, then you’re not solving your problem. You’re right back at square one where you were before you signed up with Jetpack! 

We can solve your problem, but we need your help. To that end, we are here to help you along the entire journey. We exist to help you be successful. Lean on us when you need it. Be honest with yourself and let us know you need some help because we can help!

To your success,

Jetpack Workflow

::Note:: For a printable version of this training document click here.

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