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Budgeting Time for a Jobs and Tasks
Budgeting Time for a Jobs and Tasks

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:Note:: Budgeted time is the average amount of time it takes you or your team member to complete a job or a task.

1. If you are looking to set up budgeted time for a job and the tasks within that job, go to the Jobs tab

::Note:: You can set up budgeted time inside your templates before you use the templates to create out actual jobs for your clients 

2. Click on the job name to go into the job's profile

3. Hit Edit 

4. Set up budgeted time for the job as a whole and hit Save Job

5. Scroll down to your task list and click on Distribute Time
    a. The system will then evenly distribute the budgeted time across each tasks                 which adds up to the same amount as the job's budgeted time
    b. Example: You set up a job with 5 hours budgeted time. Next, you click on                     Distribute Time. You have 3 tasks total created so each task will now have 1 hour 40 minutes budgeted time distributed. 

    c. Clicking on Distribute Time is optional 

::Note:: When the job is above budget, the Time Over Budget feature will activate to let you know how much budgeted time - summed up through each task's budgeted time - you went over versus how much time you originally budgeted for the entire job. 


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