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Integrate Jetpack with QuickBooks Online Part 1
Integrate Jetpack with QuickBooks Online Part 1

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Watch the Video Below or Scroll Down for Written Instructions

::Note:: With the integration in place, you can import your clients straight from your QuickBooks Online account and into your Jetpack account without exporting an excel sheet with a list of your clients. After importing your clients and building out your account more, you can keep track of time inside Jetpack and push the time over to QuickBooks Online for billing/invoicing purposes.

To get started with your QuickBooks Online integration you can follow these steps.

1. First, hover over your name on the top right corner of the screen once you’re signed into your account

2. Select Settings from the main hover menu

3. Click on the Integrations subtab located on the top left corner of the screen

4. Select Connect to QuickBooks

5. Enter your information to sign into your QuickBooks Online account

6. If the next page requires you to select the name of your firm from a drop-down list after you hit the Sign In button, go and make the selection
    a. Click on Add app to firm
    b. Hit Connect
    c. Skip to Step 7 if you are greeted with the image displayed under Step 7

7. Authorize the integration between your QuickBooks Online account and your Jetpack account by hitting the Connect button

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