::Note:: All time entry in Jetpack Workflow is project-based. So, you have to navigate to the job or project you wish to add time for in order to store time data. 

1. Click the Jobs tab

2. Find the name of the job you want to add time on and click on the job name to go into the job's profile 

3. Once you are inside the job's profile, you will see the Time tracker area 

4. Here you can store time on two different levels (on a job-by-job basis or on a task-by-task basis) in two ways

5. You can store time for the whole job itself
    a. Pay special attention to this drop-down

    b. If the name of the job is selected on this drop-down, then you are storing time to           the job in a general sense

6. Or you can store time for each task within a job
    a. Again, that drop down is where you should pay special attention 

    b. If you want to store time to a task, then you must select the task name from this             drop-down 

7. To start a timer and passively track your time, one way is to click the green Start timer button 

    b. You will see a timer appears in the bottom left of your screen 

    c. You can stop that time at any time by clicking the stop button on the timer or the stop timer button above.

8. Or, the second way is to manually add time
    a. Navigate to the timer area and click the Insert time entry option 

    b. Now manually enter a time entry or simply enter the duration of how long it                   actually took you to complete the job or the task
    c. Click the Save entry option

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