Jiffy is a marketplace that instantly connects you with pre-vetted, well rated Pros at a pre-set rate (based on industry average or less), who are already scheduled in your area...this is why you actually don't 'choose' who exactly is coming to your house. By not choosing, we save you a ton of time by delivering a confirmed appointment within minutes!

To speak to a Pro, you will need to sign up and request a job.

See our article on 'About Jiffy Pros' to learn about our thorough vetting and rating process, which ensures we're only sending top-quality Pros to your home.

To get started, select a service category, choose your dates, and describe what you need done. Once you click 'confirm', your job request will be sent out to all of our Pros in that category.

Each pro will have a chance to review the job and accept if they think it is right for them. Once accepted, you can discuss the job details with your Pro.

We're so confident you'll have a great experience, that we guarantee the quality of work!

We are currently in Toronto, Chicago, Boston and Ottawa.

Booking Your Frist job, check out this video:

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