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How to get connected with a Jiffy Pro.

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Jiffy is an online marketplace that instantly connects you with pre-vetted, well-rated Pros at a pre-set rate (based on industry average or less), who are already scheduled in your area...this is why you actually don't 'choose' who exactly is coming to your house. By not choosing, we save you a ton of time by delivering a confirmed appointment within minutes!

At Jiffy we have 36+ different categories to choose from. When reviewing each category on the app or website, you'll see a pre-set rate or it will list 'FREE QUOTE'. We carefully reviewed the industry standards for each category to ensure we are providing competitive pricing.

Most of the categories offered have a pre-set rate which will always have a minimum cost listed. As most of the jobs requested are smaller, the rate is followed. If you need an estimate for a bigger job and your request falls under a rated category, you can always send your pro a picture or more details once accepted and they can provide a rough estimate for you.

If the category lists 'Free Quote', your request is sent out and up to 3 Pros can claim the request to provide a quote.

You will then have the option to review and accept one of the quotes provided or cancel the request.

Booking Your Frist job, check out this video:

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