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Contact your Pro or Jiffy
Contact your Pro or Jiffy

Reach us anytime, with super-quick responses via text, email or chat. We do not have phone support.

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You'll need to create a job request so we can match you with a Pro. Once a Pro accepts your request, you'll be able to speak with them directly.

Once your pro is assigned you can then message them directly in the Jiffy mobile app OR speak to them on the phone by using the 'call' button within the app messenger.
If you need to reach us (Jiffy), you can contact us over online chat, text message (SMS), Facebook Messenger or email. Click here to contact us!
Although we'd love to hear your voice, we find it most efficient to communicate with clients over the aforementioned channels. Communicating with clients this way, rather than over the phone, allows us to get our responsive time within 2 minutes on average with clients during business hours, without keeping anyone on hold. Hope you understand!

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