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Once assigned, we'll show you your Pro's average rating, as given to them by previous Jiffy clients.

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Rather than making homeowners scour through dozens of reviews, each Jiffy Pro will have their average rating displayed upon job acceptance. These ratings are given by other Jiffy users who've had them in the past, so you can be 100% sure they're as authentic as can be.
Pros must maintain a high rating to remain on Jiffy - so rest assured that they take each and every job very seriously, always striving for a thumbs up and a positive review.
In addition to ensuring each Pro maintains a high rating, we pre-vet them prior to them joining the Jiffy platform. All companies must have at least $2M in liability insurance, up-to-date licenses/certifications within their category and strong references/reviews. We also conduct a thorough background check which searches over 200,000 databases from 200+ countries.

We're so confident in the quality of the pros that all jobs are covered by our Home Protection promise. For more details:

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