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How to apply to become a Jiffy pro and start receiving jobs from Jiffy clients. Application process.

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We're always looking for new companies to work with. We have on-boarding meetings for new company owners online every week.
Jiffy is free for companies to be on and receive job alerts from Jiffy clients; there's no subscription or per-lead fee. Rather, our fee is a nominal percentage of each job billed through the platform. You'll only pay for completed jobs.
It's important to note that Jiffy is a platform for established companies with a proven track record in their field. All companies will need the following while applying:

  • Tax ID Number

  • Licenses/certification within field

  • At least $2M in liability insurance

  • WSIB (if company has employees beyond owners)

  • Strong references and reviews

Visit the Pro section of our website to learn more and to apply:
It may take our city GM up to 2 weeks to get in touch once your application is completed, and will then update you on if we have openings within your category for new companies, and if so, when the upcoming onboarding meetings are taking place.
And of course, feel free to send us a quick message if you have any questions throughout.

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