Duct Cleaning

Improve the air quality at home! Regular duct cleaning removes dust, pollen, allergens, and mould. This is a must-do after a renovation.

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A clean home begins with clean air. Medical grade duct cleaning reduces the many irritants found inside your home, including dust, pollen, allergens, and mould. 

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The rate for Duct Cleaning does not include single vents throughout your home such as your dryer vent. If you want any single vents (dryer vent, bathroom/kitchen vent, etc.) also cleaned, you can request both under the Duct Cleaning category and your Pro will quote you on a nominal additional charge. If you just want y1+ single vents cleaned, you can request under the Dryer Vent category.

Helpful tips / what to add to your Job description:

  • The number of furnaces (some homes have 2+!)

  • If you also want your Dryer vent cleaned (additional cost) 

  • Parking is required directly in front of the house. Note: the vacuum is attached to the truck

  • List if you can't provide parking. We can still help!  The pro will need to bring a separate machine.

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