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Gas pros deal with everything involving gas units or lines. Servicing your dryers, stoves, fireplaces, BBQ hookups, water heaters and more!

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All Jiffy Gas Services pros are certified and should be used exclusively for everything related to gas in a home.

Here's a more complete list of what we recommend using a licensed gas tech for:
Gas - dryers, stoves, fireplaces, BBQ hookups, gas range, pilot, furnace, gas line hook up, gas line extensions, water heater, ductless air conditioner.

Additional labour beyond the minimum charge would be billed at the hourly rate and billed in 15-minute increments. Materials/parts are extra and will be quoted by your Pro to get your go ahead, and will be added to your invoice. After Hours (M-F after 5pm, weekends & holidays) are 1.5x the above rates. All charges are plus applicable taxes.

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Helpful tips /What to add in your Job description: 

  • If appliance, list the brand and model

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