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When in doubt, choose a handyman (door repair, carpentry, cabinets, hang stuff + more)!

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Handymen are the do-it-all type and take care of almost all general repair and maintenance inside and outside of a home. They can do anything that is maintenance or repair-related unless it falls under plumbing, gas services, Heating & Cooling (HVAC), or Electrical.

Here's a more complete list of what we recommend using a Handyman for:
hanging mirrors/pictures, weather stripping, door repairs/installs, carpentry, cabinet installs, trim, crown moulding and more!

To help make it easier, we also have a category for TV Mounting, Bathtub & Shower Caulking, and Drywall Repair (Toronto only).

Additional labour beyond the minimum charge would be billed at the hourly rate and billed in 15-minute increments. Materials/parts are extra and will be quoted by your Pro to get your go ahead, and will be added to your invoice. All charges are plus applicable taxes.

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Helpful tips / What to add to your Job description: 

  • If you have parts/materials already or need the Pro to pick these up 

  • If the job requires more than one pro for heavier items or larger jobs ( additional fee)

  • You can add multiple tasks under one request as long as they are all considered Handyman jobs

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