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Service Jiffy doesn't offer (out of scope)
Service Jiffy doesn't offer (out of scope)
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We wish we were able to help you with all of your Home needs! There are unfortunately a few services Jiffy does not offer. 

Services not offered:

  • Microwave repairs

  • Small appliance repair (toaster, blender, wine/beer fridge)

  • Tree care (dead trees)

  • Chimney cleaning

  • Plug-in AC repairs

  • TV or any electronics repairs

  • Work out machine repair 

  •  Air quality test

  • Load bearing/structural beam repair or replacement 

  • Furniture repair/restoration

  • Car services - detailing and repair

  • Pool/hot tub repair/install

  • Upholstery services

  • Glass window repair

  • Snow removal

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