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Organizing, Decluttering & Packing (Toronto)
Organizing, Decluttering & Packing (Toronto)

Getting Organized, reorganizing, labeling, packing & unpacking, pre-listing preparation, new home setup, moving assistance, and much more!

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Professional organizers make the most of your space by designing a system that suits your lifestyle. Organizers will declutter, pack, sort and label to ensure your space is used as efficiently as possible.

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Additional labour beyond the minimum would be billed at the hourly rate, billed in 15-minute increments. Extra costs will be quoted by your Pro to get your go ahead, and will be added to your invoice. All charges are plus applicable taxes.

Helpful tips - What to add to your Job description:

  • Additional organizers, along with materials, if needed, are additional and will be quoted by your Pro.

  • Add photos to your request

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