Natural native-spoken Spanish can be challenging for learners. Not everyone speaks slowly and precisely like the teacher in your classroom, or the way they speak in made-for-study recordings. Lupa stories, by Radio Ambulante, are made for native listeners. This is exactly what you need to train your ears.

Lupa lets you slow everything down, all the way to half speed (0.5x), using the audio speed controls.

Make sure Assist Mode is on (the 'light bulb' icon is yellow.)

While studying a new chapter, find a comfortable speed where you can hear at least half of the words. After you feel confident with the material, make sure to listen once through the chapter with Assist Mode off  (white 'light bulb' icon) so your ears get used to listening at native speeds.

Remember, there's a world of difference between "slow Spanish" and native Spanish at a slower speed. With Lupa you're always listening to authentic Spanish, the kind you'll hear in the real world.
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