Yes you can. When you install Lupa on your phone you'll see a "Try Lupa" button. You'll be able to listen to our trial stories to see if it is right for you.

You do need a Lupa account in the following cases:

  • Subscribing or purchasing full access

  • Purchasing gift coupons (so you can access and track the codes)

  • Redeeming a promo code, gift coupon, or school voucher

  • If you want to use Lupa across multiple devices (even when you're trying it out)

You can create your account (no card required) at or on your device.

Each time you listen with Lupa, we save your progress, selected vocabulary, and your settings. If you have an account we can save it to the cloud, so you can access them on any mobile device.

If you just want to listen to the stories (without the assistance in Lupa), you can access them at — all for free.

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