We've had a few reports that the Lupa app is crashing on startup on iOS devices. We believe this is affecting only a very small number of people, but if you experience it please speak to our customer support via the chat widget below: we have another way to get you set up.

We're working on fixing the issue in general but it may take until mid-March — this crash is occurring at a system level that we don't have access to directly, and arose suddenly without any changes we made to the app (the same app version that has been running for several months without any issues!).

For the technically inclined, we believe there is some interaction between specific iOS system settings that some people are using, a recent update to iOS, and a framework library — but we aren't getting the technical error reports that would tell us more. We are changing some "deep plumbing" so we rely less on the framework, so please be patient.

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