If you are teaching an intermediate or advanced class in Spanish, use the Lupa Classroom Portal to assign stories and track your students' progress.

Getting started

Sign in at my.lupa.app and look for the prompt near the top of your account page. You can create your first class instantly with a single click, and alter the class name from the default name if you like.

Adding students to your class

Look for the Class Code at the top left of the screen, and share that with your students.

Ask your students to download Lupa to their mobile device and then enter the code on the Account Page where it says Redeem a code. After they do that:

  • Their names will appear in your class roster

  • They will see your class on their Lupa app's Home screen. From there they can see their class assignments

If you teach more than one class, you can create multiple classrooms in the same manner.

Assigning stories

For your first class, we've automatically assigned the two free Lupa stories. To remove them and select other stories, tap the Edit button next to Assignments. Just tap on the stories you want to add or remove, and then tap Done.

Once you have assigned a story you can:

  • Set a due date

  • Add an assignment note

Students will see these in the Lupa app.

How much does it cost?

The portal itself free to use, and we've made it very easy to get it up and running with two fun and accessible Radio Ambulante stories that you and your students will enjoy.

If you want your students to study with the subscriber-only stories in Lupa, you can either ask your students to subscribe individually, or contact us (edu‑sales@jiveworld.com) about a discounted multi-seat license. The seats can be assigned from within the Lupa Classroom Portal, and your student roster will indicate who does or does not have full access to the subscriber-only stories.

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