Military Crosswalk

How can students with military experience explore career matches?

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The Military Crosswalk is a feature created to assist military veterans and active duty with the transition to civilian life through career exploration. Using their Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) or Military Occupation Classification (MOC) codes, students can search for careers that are like their military positions aligned by responsibilities, training, skills, education, and experience.

To access the Military Crosswalk search filter, start by navigating to the CAREERS menu option. Next, select the "All Careers" option under the VIEW OPTIONS drop-down menu (outlined in red below):

Next, navigate down to the Military Crosswalk filter on the left-hand sidebar (outlined in red below):

Click on "Military Crosswalk" to search by Military Occupation Code (MOC) or sometimes referred to as Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) code. Be sure to select the corresponding Military Branch from the dropdown menu as well. For example, the screenshot below displays career fit options for MOC 11b, an infantryman position in the Army.

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