• The job duties of an administrative assistant include clerical and managerial duties over groups, individuals, projects and tasks.


  • Most frequently found in manufacturing plants (on assembly lines), an assembler routinely puts together parts and completes simple or complex tasks. You may check over batches of products and materials to ensure parts are assembled correctly and free from any defects.

  Audio/Video Support

  • To be an audio or video support technician, one needs a strong understanding of electronics. You’ll be setting up, maintaining and breaking down lights, microphones, speakers, etc. 


  • Typical job duties of a bartender include taking drink and food orders, making drinks, serving customers and engaging in conversation (when you’re not too busy). Bartenders are found at bars, restaurants, events, stadiums and really any place that is serving beverages (especially alcoholic ones). You may be required to obtain a Bartender's License or ServSafe certification.

Brand Ambassador (Promotional Model)

  • A brand ambassador works to increase awareness, connect with customers and generate sales. Brand ambassadors can be found at events, on the street, in stores or really anywhere. Being an ‘ambassador’ involves supporting the product or company and by informing potential customers of the product or service. 


  • Cashiers are used wherever monetary transactions take place, (i.e., events, supermarkets, stadiums and stores). The duties involve handling money and processing payment in the form of cash, card or check in turn for purchased goods and services. You may be scanning or manually inputting necessary merchandise, providing change, and bagging/packaging items up.

 Catering and Service Staff

  • Service staff, or caterers, tend or ‘cater’ to customers needs. They cook and prepare food & drink, wait tables, stock supplies and serve snacks and drinks.

 Customer Service

  • Work with customers in person, over the phone, email or mail by resolving issues, comments, complaints and questions. Customer service representatives need to be friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.


  • Delivery workers are involved with order fulfillment. You’ll be picking up and delivering orders on foot, by car, train, boat, plane or bicycle.

Demo Specialist

  • Demonstrate goods and services to the public to build awareness, draw attention and makes sales. A demo specialist is an expert in the product or service that they’re displaying.


  • Dishwashing is an extremely crucial role and is prevalent at almost every restaurant. Duties include cleaning dishes, cutlery, glasses and mugs - cleaning involves scrubbing, washing, drying and sorting. 


  • The job duties of a driver vary but involves serious responsibility. Drivers pick-up and drop-off supplies, make deliveries and transport merchandise and/or people. Drivers may need certain certifications to drive certain vehicles.

Event Staff (Event Help)

  • Event staff can be found fulfilling a variety of rolls. These include, but are not limited to: clean-up, set-up and break-down, security, ticketing, supervision, catering, bartending, serving, handing out flyers or merchandise and audio technician’s. Event staff are used to help wherever help is needed, and to make sure the event runs smoothly. 

Field Sales

  • The priority of field sales is to increase revenue and sales while building awareness. Field sales is an outside sales representative whose role is to contact potential customers on the street, at their home and through other various forms of communication.

 Forklift Operator

  • Operate heavy industrial machinery, load and unload crates, pallets and materials, stock and sort inventory.

General Labor

  • General labor duties vary across a wide spectrum, from routine and repetitive tasks to custom and complex. General labor jobs can involve set-up, break down, clean-up, delivery, production, organizing and much more. General labor jobs may call for the operation of machinery, such as: torches, forklifts, drills, saws, hoses, ladders, etc.


  • The role of a greeter is to be energetic and enthusiastic while welcoming customers or guests. Greeters can be found at festivals, events or in stores. They’re usually answering questions, pointing people in the right direction and giving them a warm welcome.


Hair/Makeup Artist

  • Apply makeup and style hair to aesthetically enhance someone's looks. Normally found performing job duties for performers, high-profile clients, models, wedding parties and much more! 


  • The role of a host/hostess is important. They greet customers, take orders (ex. fulfill pick-up orders), answer phones, guide customers to their seats, set tables and take reservations. Involves heavy contact with customers. 

Line Cook

  • The duties of a line cook involve prepping ingredients and preparing dishes. Line cooks need to work efficiently and effectively with a high attention to detail, especially when involved with busy, high-volume settings. 

Medical Personnel

  • Medical personnel can be under high-intensity situations as their job can involve saving someone's life. Extensive education is required and necessary. Duties range from bandaging scrapes and burns to field dressing deep cuts and broken ligaments.


  • Merchandising involves promoting the sale of goods and services, and is usually performed in store. You may also need to fold clothes, stock shelves, take inventory and clean.

Mover & Packer

  • The job duty of a mover and packer is to prepare orders for shipments by packaging merchandise, loading and unloading items and locating materials. It may involve the use of heavy machinery (i.e., forklifts, trolleys, ladders and pulley carts).


Parking Attendant

  • A parking attendant may perform a variety of tasks. They might valet cars (parking and retrieving cars for guests), direct traffic in and around parking lots, or sell tickets for parking.

Part Time

  • A part time worker is someone who does not work full time for a company. Part time workers may work only a few days a week, or for periods of time like on weekends, every few weeks, or seasonally (ex. only available for the summer).


  • Photographers may be employed for concerts, conventions, weddings and sporting events. With high-quality cameras, photographers take pictures of anything and everything to capture a variety of moods, situations, scenes, actions and events. 

Picker & Packer

  • A picker and packer is in charge of order fulfillment. The job involves pulling inventory and preparing items for shipment. As the name alludes to, you’re ‘picking’ items (ex. off the shelves) and packaging them to be shipped.

 Product Demonstrator

  • Demonstrate how to use a product and explain its functions and uses while answering product related questions. The main goal of a product demonstrator is to create awareness and sell the product or service. 


  • Referees (umpires) are used to supervise and officiate a variety of competitions. Some common events include basketball, baseball, soccer and football. They’re responsible for ensuring rules are followed and upheld. Referee’s may be required to obtain certifications or take a class to learn specific rules, penalties and best practices (higher standards are upheld for professional officiates).


  • Job duties of a registration attendant involve strong attention to detail and organizational skills while record-keeping. You’ll be recording names, emails, phone numbers and addresses through writing or typing. You may be registering customers into a database, researching their authority for entering a site or documenting their information for a transaction. 

Retail Staff

  • Retail staff are responsible for greeting customers, answering questions, giving opinions and recommendations, stocking and sorting clothes, taking inventory, cleaning and working cash registers.


  • A runner is normally found employed at restaurants, and is an essential position. The runner is responsible for supporting the serving staff and kitchen by preparing dishes and ingredients and delivering dishes to customers.

 Seasonal Staff

  • Seasonal staff are employed during certain seasons (I.e. Summer, winter, holidays). They’re employed for various jobs, duties and tasks in warehouses, manufacturing plants, events, retail stores and much more.


  • Security personnel need to be dependable, strong and quick-witted. They play a vital role for whoever employs them. Responsibilities include ensuring safety, providing protection and controlling any violence or threats that may occur.

 Server (waiter/waitress)

  • Servers are found in the service industry, specifically: restaurants, catering and events. Servers are in constant contact with customers through taking orders, serving drinks/food and cleaning. Expect to be on your feet for extended periods of time.

Shipping & Receiving

  • Job duties include picking, packing, packaging, exporting goods and collecting shipments and merchandise. Responsibility lies on the ability to manage, organize, sort and inspect.

 Skilled Trade

  • Skilled trade workers are usually employed by construction companies. Different trades include plumbing, electricians, carpenters, decorators, etc. Education and/or experience is highly recognized in this industry. 


  • Job duties involve loading and unloading materials, setting up and installing equipment. You’ll find yourself on your feet for extended periods of time frequently lifting and carrying equipment.

 Street Teamer

  • The duties of a street teamer are to build awareness by representing a product or service. Street teamers work outside the office, marketing and selling for the company.


  • Requires extensive education and experience to work with electronics and technology. Technical workers solve and debug technical problems affecting computers, software and hardware.

 Tradeshow Staff

  • Job duties include miscellaneous tasks and duties such as: set-up, break-down, registration, product demonstration, catering, greeting, parking assistance, event help and security.

 Warehouse Associate

  • A warehouse associate can be found doing a variety of tasks, like relocating products and preparing packages for shipment. They’re usually well rounded and capable of organizing, sorting, stocking, inspecting and shipping.
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