Yes! When posting a job, you can add one or multiple shifts to the job post under the Shifts section. Once you've saved your first shift, click the duplicate sign to add additional shifts and/or days to your post.

Jobs with multiple shifts will be tagged as "Multi-shift" on the Jobble Board and Jobblers will be applying to work all shifts associated with that job posting. Jobblers tend to prefer taking jobs with multiple shifts.

If you have multiple schedules, it is beneficial to break them down into separate jobs. For example, if your job has an AM and PM shift, we recommend breaking them into two separate job posts - one with a weekly AM schedule, and the other with a weekly PM schedule.

If you have needs that are longer than a week, it's best to post the following week as a new job. This helps attract returning applicants while also letting new Jobblers find your listing.

Walk through how to post a job here.

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