All job postings, hiring decisions, and payment submissions are the responsibility of the hiring manager from the business partner that utilizes Jobble’s platform.

Please note: The hiring manager may be different from an on-site manager. All decisions (job rate, hours, pay) are ultimately made by the hiring manager.

You can only contact your manager once you've been hired for a job. Once you've been hired, there are two ways you can contact your hiring manager:

In-App Announcements

Once you’ve been hired for a job, you'll receive a welcome message from your hiring manager. The "Group Chat" is where the Hiring Manager will post announcements for all hired Jobblers to view. You can privately message your Hiring Manager to ask additional questions or ask for clarification.

When you open the Jobble app, navigate to the Messages Tab. You will see a list of messages from jobs you’ve been hired for. (You will not see any messages for jobs you have applied to - only those you’ve been hired for.)

You can click on the job to open up the chat, which will display messages directly from the hiring manager. This can include parking information, additional shift details, and more information that was not listed in the Jobble description. It’s important to review these messages before the shifts start.

In-App Direct Messaging

If you need to directly contact your hiring manager, navigate to the Messages Tab of your Jobble app.

For iOs, click the top left icon to compose a message.

For Android users, follow these steps:

Direct Contact Info

Once you’ve been hired for a job, you'll be sent an acceptance email titled: “You're Hired! Your Application Has Been Accepted.” In that email, you can find the direct contact information of your hiring manager (typically full name, email and phone number).

Contact the Success and Support Team

If you have reached out to your hiring manager through the Jobble Chat and have tried to contact them with their Direct Contact Info, you can also submit a help ticket with our Success and Support Team.

To do this, you can start a ticket by chatting with the Jobble Bot or by sending an email to

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