Last-minute cancellations (cancelling a shift "less than 48 hours" but "more than 1 hour" before it starts) - Cancelling a shift within 2 days of the scheduled start time will result in 1 strike, cancelling 1 hour before the shift starts will result in 3 strikes. 

Please note: if an employer cancels your shift with less than 24 hours to go you will still be paid for 4 hours and, of course, will not receive any strikes.

No show -
We take not turning up to a shift very seriously. If you cancel a shift less than 1 hour before if it is due to start, or don't turn up at all, this will result in 3 strikes and your account will be deactivated.

Other reasons for receiving strikes:

Being late - Arriving late for a shift will result in 1 strike.

Bad feedback from employers (and getting blocked by an employer for bad feedback) - When an employer reports unprofessional behaviour we make sure to hear both sides, which is why we always investigate negative feedback from both employers and candidates. 

However, if it’s established that the feedback is accurate, you will receive 1 strike.

Incorrect uniform - The uniform requirements for a shift are always clearly outlined in the job description. Having the wrong uniform at a shift will result in 1 strike.

Other - Some shifts will have extra requirements that are outlined in the job description (eg. it is compulsory for staff to hand in a job card at the end of a stadium shift). Failing to meet these extra requirements will result in 1 strike.

3 strikes leads to deactivation, so please bear this in mind.

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