To access the templates tab, hover over 'Plan' in the menu at the top and choose 'Shift templates'. Please note, this may be labelled differently depending on your organisation.

You can change the site you're viewing using the drop down list:

To create a new Shift template just click on the dedicated button to open up a form to fill in all the necessary details.

On the first screen you will be asked to name the template. Please always make sure that the name you choose clearly indicates what job it is for so other users can recognise it.

In the next section you can insert a description of the job, work type and typical shift length. Please make sure you fill in all the required fields as without that the template will be invalid.

Why do we need these details?

Work type:
This information is needed for the
AWR record. A worker can have multiple AWR records, depending on the type of work they do so it's important to use the correct one.

Typical shift length:
This information is used to populate the timesheets with a default number of hours (see:
batch edit timesheets)


If you're creating template for a driving job, you can select desired skills the driver must have to be eligible for that shift. Depending on your set up the system will match the drivers profiles with the correct set of skills and will suggest which one to book.

In the next section you will be asked to specify the requirements for applicants.

In the Rates section, you can set up separate rates and rules for each worker type. Worker types are based on their employment status and will be matched with workers' profiles to apply the correct settings.

To start setting up your rates, pick the desired worker type and click 'define rates':

You can then choose if you'd like to clone an existing rate plan  or create a brand new one (1.):

If you're creating a rate plan for PAYE workers you'll also be asked to select the AWR status that these rate apply to (2.)

Now going from the top down, fill in all the details:

  1. Rate rules /link/
  2. Rates /link/
  3. Rate hours /link/
  4. Bank holidays /link/

In the Advanced settings section you can specify:

  • If the workers booked on this template can cancel the shift through the system
  • If the worker gets send prompts to confirm a shift he's been booked on
  • Start of the week for payroll purposes.

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