Why would You be cloning the template?

You can clone the template if you're setting up the site where different jobs have either the same rules, rates (or both). You can also clone the template to different site if your client applies the same rules or rates at different locations. All just to save your time.

Please note, if you'd like to update rates/rules, set up temporary rates (i.e for peak season) on the existing template, you'd need to use 'clone version' option instead.
Updating rates in the existing template

How to clone the template?

Cloning the template is simple. Just go to the Shift templates tab and click clone next to the relevant template name.

You'll see a pop up window where you can insert the name of your new template (1.), choose if you'd like to copy all the workers links across (2.) and select a site you'd like to clone the template to (3.)


Template name - duplicate template names are not allowed within one site, however if you're cloning the template to the other site, you can use the same name. This way, it's easier for you to recognise different templates in the planning screen. 

Clone the worker links - only clone the worker links if the same group of workers will be working on the new shift template. (This only applies to users who plan their workers using on-site planning tool - not branch).

Clone template for site - Pick the site you'd like to clone your template to. If you're cloning within the same site, you still need to pick the site from the list.

What happens next?

You can make any required changes to your template and start using it straight away!

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