There are two processes for getting paid depending on whether you are working for an agency or if you are working via the Driver Exchange marketplace.

1. If you are working for an Agency then you will be paid in exactly the same way as you have always been. This might be either directly from the agency on the terms that they have agreed with you, or it might be through an outsourced payroll provider or umbrella company depending on what you have set up. You will still be able to check your shifts and how much you have earned on the DX, although we do not handle any of the money.)

2. If you are working directly for a Hirer then you will be paid according to the terms that the Hirer sets. This is usually on the second Wednesday after the week in which you worked, although may be on the following Wednesday. This is to allow time for you to submit your shifts, for the Hirer to see and approve these shifts, and then for bank transfers to occur. As the DX collates shifts and timesheets for the Hirer to make their billing process simpler, your pay will be transferred through the DX to you. The DX does not take any “cut” of this and you will be paid as soon as we receive money from the Hirer exactly what your pay calculations show at the rates you have agreed. The diagram below outlines the payment timeframe.

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