Submit and approve shifts as an agent or hirer

The DX has a two step financial approval process for shifts. The first step is for the Driver to Submit a shift.

The second step is for you, the Hirer, to check and approve that shift ready for payment.

DX Academy Video: Hirers – Approving Shifts

As a Hirer, to approve a shift, go to the Finance tab and select Shifts to be approved, select a shift using the checkbox (or multiple checkboxes for multiple shifts) and click the Approve button.

If you want to get a little more information about that shift, then click on the row and it will expand to show you the start and stop times and how the charges are calculated.

A shift can be queried at any point in the process by either the Agency user or the worker or the Hirer.

DX Academy Video: Querying a Shift

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