To search for work and apply for shifts click the 'find shifts' tab from the dark blue bar menu. You will be presented with a map with all the sites in proximity to your registered address, zoom out of the map to see additional sites across the country. 

Sites that have shifts available are marked on the map with a green pin. To see more information about the job click on the pin and the details will be shown on the right-hand site, to see the shifts click the green "# shifts available" link. 

Select the type of work you would like to apply for, in the example above this company have cat B and C+E shifts. Once selected the shifts will appear below these selection boxes, click the blue "apply" button to book the dates would like to work. 

This will open a confirmation window where the details of the shift are repeated and you can confirm your application by clicking on the ‘Yes, apply’ button.

Once you have confirmed that this is the correct shift that you intended to apply for the find shifts screen will update with your booking.

If you are not eligible to book onto a shift you will be notified. This can be due to a range of reasons, for example not having the right licence category listed on your profile or not enough experience. Update your profile if you do have these qualifications so we can match your profile, however if you do not have these then you will not be able to go any further in the process. 

By clicking on the shift you have booked, on the "This is your shift!" link, you can see additional details about the shift, including address, expected payment date and pay rates. 

The company you have applied with will receive a notification of the accepted shift. You can also get in touch with them using the "contact the client" button for additional confirmation.

The client will add your hours when the time comes and DX will process your invoice and payment in line with DX payment terms.

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