Posting shifts is straightforward. Hover over the ‘plan’ tab, and click on ‘post shifts’ (if you can’t see this tab, please let us know, and we will unlock this function for you). 

On the calendar on the left-hand side of the screen select the date you want to post shifts for. When you choose a date, click on the blue"Create new shift(s)" button. 

Enter the planned start time of your requirement, if you have multiple job roles then choose the appropriate shift template eg Class 1 or Class 2. 

*Newly registered hirers.
When you register for the first time the system is automatically set to ask drivers for quotes. If you don't want to receive quotes from drivers for the shift your posting you can specify the rate you're prepared to pay. We store these rates in "Shift templates".  If you want to add more rates (eg for other roles) you can create additional shift templates by clicking on the "Create another shift template" link.

Find out how to edit existing templates and create new ones. 

You can add shifts individually or use one of the options to add multiple shifts:

  1. "Enter multiple start times" - you can add multiple planned start times on the same day. Click on the 'enter multiple start times' link and type in the start times for this day. The format is not strict (you can use: hh:mm, hhmm, h:mm, hmm and separate the times with the 'enter' or 'space') 

  2. "Create the same shift on multiple days" - you can add the same shift(s) on multiple days by clicking this option. A calendar view will appear where you can select the days the shifts apply to - all those selected will appear in green.

From this screen you can also specify if you would like to post the shift at a specific rate that you set yourself or request quotes from the workers.

Once these have been entered click ‘Create the shift’, for the shift to be posted to the marketplace. It will be visible to all workers registered on the Driver Exchange marketplace that meet the criteria of the shift template (assessment, licence category, experience, etc). 

Change visibility

If you would prefer to limit who sees the shift to particular individuals you can do this using the "Change visibility" option. A drop down box of those who are eligible to work at your site will appear, at which point you can select who you want to see that shift. The shift will not be posted to the market place, only the selected workers will see this shift.

Please note, only workers who have previously worked with you will appear in the drop down box. If you would like to add a new worker to the list, please get in touch with the Driver Exchange Tech Support via the live chat icon in the bottom right corner, phone call 020 3322 3534 (Mon- Fri 9.00- 18.00) or e-mail us at

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