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Embedding a custom form on the publication page
Embedding a custom form on the publication page
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Among the content creation tools in the Crater Editor, you will also find the Forms plugin. It allows placing the custom form right on the publication page and collecting readers' data without having any pop-ups.

Note: Before using the forms plugin make sure there is a ready form created. Click here to browse more articles about Custom forms creation

To place the custom form on the page:

  1. Make sure you are logged in and open the publication page in the Edit mode

  2. In the Left toolbar go to the Plugins and click on the Forms plugin

  3. Select the form in the Form properties and click Add to page button

  4. Once done click Save and see the results in the Preview mode

Note: If you wish to edit any content or field in your custom form before using it in your publication click the Edit form settings button or go to the Forms page to have access to all your created forms.

Read more about the custom forms on our Help Center.

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