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Adding advertising tags
Adding advertising tags
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To move your reporting process to a new and more professional level with Joomag we have recently launched a new section in Joomag's analytics which is called Advertising Analytics. You'll be able to leverage the analytical data accumulated for advertisements towards measuring the success of your campaigns and, moreover, adjust your strategies accordingly.

Note: To enable this feature for your account contact Joomag's Customer Success team

To get started with Advertising Analytics you will need to first add tags to specific pages and trackable elements/adverts within the Crater Editor as described below:

  1. Open the publication in the edit mode

  2. Make sure to have created the advertising tags

  3. Find the element you want to tag: links, hotspots, videos, popups, etc and then select it

  4. In the Advertising tags field choose the corresponding tag for your element

  5. Once finished, do not forget to Save the changes

Congratulations! Now you know how to tag elements in the Crater Editor. Click here to learn how to check the Advertising Analytics.

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