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Is Journeys right for me?
Is Journeys Map right for me?
Is Journeys Map right for me?


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At Journeys HQ we have a long list of goals. But, our number one goal is to have the most engaging platform that empowers users to pursue the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in life. 

We believe Journeys is for you and everyone who wants to explore, plan and succeed. Eager high school students looking to transition to college, earn a certificate or move directly into the world of work will find our turn by turn directions easy to follow. We take the guess work out of your future. Find out everything you need to know from what classes you'll take, to what major is right for the job you desire all the way to companies that are hiring in your community. 

And Journeys Map isn't just for older users! Middle school and elementary students who want to create smaller academic journeys to raise their algebra or language arts grade will find Journeys Map essential. 

We even offer pathways for Military personal looking for a clear path to a civilian occupation. 

Are you a curious mom and dad who wants to see how their toddler's development is going? The Pre-K territory of the map is for you. 

While we know our goal is lofty, we believe in dreaming as big as our map (and that's boundless)

Our current use-case supports

-Students who want to explore careers.

-Students researching colleges.

-Students researching certification providers.

-Students looking to learn more about opportunities after high school.

-Classrooms, after-school programs, small groups, schools and districts encouraging career and college exploration.

-Teachers who want to monitor and track their students progress and goals.

-Counselors who are looking to support students with their career and education goals.

Does our current use-case not fit your needs? Leave a comment and let us know how we should expand! Or send us a note at

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