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Why was Journeys built using a map?
Why was Journeys built using a map?

It's probably simpler than you think

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Well, our founder (Hi, Peter) would provide you with a winding metaphor about our early ancestors and how humans have always used maps... don't worry, we'll stop that story here. 

The short version is: you have maps to get to your friend's house and maps to find your favorite coffee shops and to check out new spots... so why not take that logic and apply it to learning? 

Insert the light bulb moment: Let's make a map for learning!

Journeys can route you through academic subjects, to colleges, certifications, careers and help you when you want to make a big life transition. 

Maybe that's a job change, perhaps it's going back to school, or transitioning out of the military. Whatever it is... Journeys wants to help get you there and we think our map is just the tool to get you there. 

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