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What are the different levels within the Career territory?
What are the different levels within the Career territory?

When clusters, pathways and occupations all get together they make up the career territory.

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Journeys lingo may feel a little foreign at first. You probably don't think of everything being broken into clusters, pathways and occupations... but, it's a useful way to organize things! 

We'll break it down:


At the highest level of the Career Territory is the Cluster level (STEM, Arts, IT, Law, etc) .


The next level down are the Pathways.  We'll zoom into the Law Cluster and you'll see: Law Enforcement Services, Emergency & Fire Mgmt, Legal Services, Correction Services and Security & Protective Services. These are all Pathways.  

The third and final level is the Occupation level. We'll select the Legal Services Pathway and zoom into it.

Now we are at the Occupation level. Lawyers, Judicial Law Clerks, Court Reporters, etc. are all occupations.  

Feel confused? overwhelmed? Don't worry, we won't quiz you, but we thought a little break down of the map may be helpful!

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