Career Education Focus:

  1. Learn about the requirements to attend post-secondary education

  2. Learn about different types of post-secondary education

  3. Evaluation of Information

  4. Increased knowledge base

Students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate skills involved in locating, using, and interpreting a variety of post-secondary data

  2. Relate SAT/ACT requirements information to specific institutions


Life-Long Learner Standard:

1. Gather, organize, and analyze data; evaluate; and draw conclusions

Lesson Objectives:

1. Introduction of finding Post-Secondary Opportunities based on your Career Choice (College Learn More Pages) (5 min) 

2. If students want to view colleges outside their profile zip code, instruct them to click on view all in the Institutions widget

3. Discover SAT/ACT Admission Score Range

4. Place information from 5 post-secondary choices in a spreadsheet or graphic organizer to compare and contrast your college options. Be sure to include SAT/ACT Score Range and Cost information (20 min)

5. Begin Goal Planning in meeting Admission Requirements for your college choices (15 min)


Answer the questions below in a one-page report prior to the next class:

  1. What types of degree programs may be of interest to you?

  2. How does it relate to your job/career choices?

  3. Choose three Post-Secondary Institutions from your list of five and write a paragraph to compare and contrast the SAT/ACT Score Requirements. Be prepared to discuss your SAT/ACT goals. 

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