Career Education Focus:

1. Learn about the requirements to attend post-secondary education
2. Learn about different types of post-secondary education
3. Evaluation of Information
4. Increased knowledge base

Students will be able to:

1. Collaborate with peers while building on others’ findings and expressing their own findings clearly
2. Integrate multiple sources of information in order to make informed decisions by comparing and contrasting the information


Life-Long Learner Standard:

1. Gather, organize, and analyze data; evaluate; and draw conclusions

Lesson Objectives:

1. Using Homework from Lesson 2 and 3, divide into small groups of similar interests. (5 min)

2. Provide Explicit Instruction on discussion that is expected in groups including the use of a graphic organizer to compile information. (5 min)

3. Groups discuss Post-Secondary choices to fulfill Career Goals and may use a graphic organizer to compile findings from the group. (Could use an electronic version or printed handout). Points for discussion may include items like degree program offerings, cost, location, SAT/ACT scores, and personal choice. (20 min)

4. Have one student from each group present the group’s findings, including the importance of setting SAT/ACT goals. (10 min)


Answer the questions below in a one-page report prior to the next class:

1. How can using graphic organizers to compare/contrast texts or objects help me understand and comprehend information I am discussing?

2. How do future earnings potential, cost, and paying down debt impact the decision?

3. Choose Three Post-Secondary Institutions from your list or ones from your group and write a one page report to compare/contrast the institutions and recommend your top choice and explain why. 

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