Career Education Focus:

1. Learn about skills required in a Career
2. Connecting courses being taken to Career choice
3. Evaluation of Information
4. Increased knowledge base

Students will be able to:
1. Research information about a career including skills that they are learning in current courses
2. Generate a summary of skills they will need to develop to pursue their career choice


Life-Long Learner Standard:

1. Use research and information resources to obtain career information
2. Demonstrate awareness of the education and training needed to achieve career goals
3. Use effective oral and written communication skills

Lesson Objectives:

1. Provide Instruction to students using their top 5 career choices, choose 1 to research further in connecting coursed being taken to that career choice. (5 min)

2. Using the Learn More Page to see skills, tasks, technology, abilities associated to career. (10 min)

3. Generate a summary of key information needed to support your career choice. (20 min)

4. Report to class/group how courses you are taking support your findings. (10 min)

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