Career Education Focus:

1. Learn about similar Careers to Original Career choice
2. Learn about transferable skills to other career options
3. Evaluation of Information
4. Increased knowledge base

Students will be able to:
1. Research occupations that students may not have thought of that are connected to original career choice
2. Describe and explain similar jobs within preferred industry


Life-Long Learner Standard:

1. Use research and information resources to obtain career information
2. Demonstrate advocacy skills and the ability to assert self, when necessary

Lesson Objectives:

1. Provide Instruction to students using their top career choice, investigate at least three careers that students may not of thought of within the same career cluster.
(5 min)
2. Using the Map and Learn More Pages find other careers or job functions that may exist connected to the students career choice (20 min)
3. Compare and Contrast Education required, similar skills and abilities required, salaries, etc. (15 min)
4. Be prepared to discuss your findings and defend your choice, in the next session. 

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