Career Education Focus:

1. Helps to understand important facts about a potential employer.
2. Helps to understand the process of and information included in a job application form.
3. Evaluation of information.

Students will be able to:

1.  Identify the steps in searching for a job.
2. Explain why a thoughtful job search is important.
3. Use Journeys to assist in their job search based on profile zip code.


Life-Long Learner Standard:

1.  Helps in making a tentative career decision and connect it to future lifestyle based on job opportunity.

Lesson Objectives:

1. Provide instruction to students asking them to first choose a career. From the Opportunities widget on any Career Learn More. By default, jobs will show based on student’s dashboard zip code. This setting can be changed within the Find Opportunities widget by choosing the Change Location button (10 min)

2. Have Students select several opportunities and review job listing, making note of education, experience, and skills required. (25 min) 

3. Have Students Pair and Share findings. (5 min)

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