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Activity Two: Create a Journeys Map Account
Activity Two: Create a Journeys Map Account

Use your desktop, iPad, Chrome Book or mobile device to get started now!

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  1. Head over to 

2. Once you're there, select the white SIGN UP button from the header.

3. Enter your first and last name. Once you've entered your name, press the blue NEXT button.

Note: The next button will be enabled after you've typed your name!

4. Enter a valid email address and then press the blue NEXT button. Your email address will be your username when you login into Journeys Map.

Note: If you do not have an email address, click the blue "create an account with a username" link. Then click the blue NEXT button.

5. Create a unique password! Store your password somewhere safe so you can login with ease that text time you're on the site. Then press with blue NEXT button.

6. Enter your birthday in numerical month, day and year order. Then press the blue NEXT button.

Note: Are you younger than 13? You'll need to get your guardian's permission to continue. Once you have permission click the blue "I got permission" button to keep going.

7. Do you have a connection code? If you're creating an account as an individual most likely you don't. So go ahead and select the white "No" button. 

Connection codes are typically used for schools, groups or classes! If you have been given a code please click the blue "Yes" button!

8. Enter your connection code! Then click the blue NEXT button.

PS: If you hit the "Yes" button and you don't have a code, don't worry. Click the blue "Skip" link.

9. Wooo hoo! You now have a Journeys Map Account! Do a little boogy, make a
tik-tok video or just party in your head. 

Now you get to chose your own path. Ask yourself: "What do I want to do?"

When you select discover my interests you'll be directed to our interest survey page which will connect you with jobs that match your results.

If you click on learn your skills, you will be directed to our skills quiz! 

If you just want to see ALL the jobs that Journeys Map has, click explore careers. You'll be directed to our career cards. Click through and learn about the careers that interest you!

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